The Dragon Below

The Events so Far...
Online blog for The Dragon Below Campaign

Our party of intrepid adventurers was returning along an old dusty road to their current home base, a dirty industrial city named Irontown. The city has a large Dwarven population and most of its trade is in metals and forged goods.

On the side of the road they locate an Elven maiden who has been robbed and brutally beaten. Her name is Cyrna and she says that a group of thugs accosted her and have made off with a key that she was carrying. The key allegedly opens a vault deep beneath an old penitentiary that lay in the foothills north of the city.

Apparently the prison was overseen by her grandfather, a powerful mage who kept the most dangerous prisoners of war contained for the nation of Karrnath during the last great war. Although dark rumors circulated at the time off terrible experiments and the raising of an undead army.

35 years ago the prison was attacked by an advancing army from the neighboring nation, and was utterly destroyed.

Despite rumors of foul undead the party decides to help Cyrna (a generous offer of money and free goods at many local inns helped make up their minds).

The first day in the foothills the party stumbles across a small valley filled with corpses. While investigating the scene they were attacked by goblins and had a savage encounter amongst the rocks, long grasses and cliffs. After cleaning up and of course, looting the nearby lair, they press onwards!


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